Why you need to be an influencer to be successful


Feature image: mkhmarketing

How much thought have you put into your internet presence? Gaining skills and knowledge in writing, photography, and filmmaking is important. Of course. But if you’re hoping to make a splash – if you’re hoping to get press trips, publishing opportunities, work with brands and DMOs (look up this term if you don’t know what it means) – you need to start thinking about your social media presence. It’s not enough these days to be a strong writer/content producer. Maybe if you’re the cream of the crop it’s enough. Maybe. But for most people wanting to make digital media a full- or part-time career you will be infinitely more valuable to a publisher or other organization you want to work with if you are an influencer.

Social media is discussed throughout all the courses at MatadorU – on a more basic level in the Fundamentals courses and in more depth in the Advanced courses. Even if you aren’t yet at these topics in your progression you should be thinking about this and starting to get a handle on it.

Watch this video in which travel writing heavyweights Don George (Lonely Planet), Seth Kugel (New York Times), and David Farley (AFAR) discuss the importance of social media in today’s travel publication landscape. And keep in mind that internet presence is part of the equation when members are considered for Matador Marketplace opps like press trips and gear reviews. I encourage you to start discussions in the MatadorU Forums (free signup) and talk with your peers about this. Many of you will have wisdom to share for those who are just starting out.

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