Those of us who mentor work with you to build layer upon layer of craft – and even deeper, to help you trust in your creativity.
1. You realize that your fire to create has outstripped your abilities.
It is too easy for any of us who create to become trapped in the hustle for money.
Is it hard for you to be nothing? To not be productive? To not be seen?
I’ll always remember the first time I was published (and was paid for it). It was for Matador and it was 2008. I had just moved to Melbourne, Australia after having traveled for eight months…
It's far too easy to be overly self-critical and hard on yourself, especially when you're learning new skills
When you convince yourself that you have to “fake it” in order to “make it,” you’re subconsciously telling yourself that you are not good enough as you are.
Let yourself accept that we learn when we can admit we don’t know.
Mary Sojourner shares her story of her relationship with her mother.
The reality is that in today's digital media landscape your traffic will live or die by the hand of social media.