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Jason Mar
"Flying business class was once of a lifetime experience! All my friends back home were SO JEALOUS of my trip! Everything was fully planned out and I was taken care of. It's always been a dream of mine to create travel content, and I'm grateful I got this opportunity to do it with Matador Network. Can't wait to do it again!"
Farha Mukri
"My interaction with the Matador Creators team has been great. Loved the excitement from the very first email! The coordination and handoff with the host were seamless. The Matador team was so responsive in answering my questions. Felt very supported throughout this process and would love to work with you and MN again."
Brionna Lamback
"My experience landing the opportunity was great. I like the updated Matador Creators platform because it's easy to use and seems to be updated regularly with opportunities. I've already been recommending MC to other creators. Working with the team was easy. The trip itself was fantastic and well planned, and the itinerary was reflective of the pitch I initially submitted."
Rene Daniella
"The press trip to the Maldives was amazing. I feel like the Matador team coordinated everything well on their end. From the original pitch email to connecting me to the press contact for the trip, everything was thorough and smooth."

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