Hi, I'm Rene Daniella! 

Writer, filmmaker and talent in Los Angeles, CA, United States. I'm a travel host and lifestyle content creator. I've been to 62 countries so far and am obsessed with freediving. #1 on my bucket list is to dive with humpback whales in Tonga!


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I am both American and British and have grown up moving back and forth between both countries which I feel sparked my love (read: addiction) for travel. Additionally, I have lived in Paris (for my Master's program in Global Communication), Medellin (as a Travel Host for Passport Heavy), and various parts of Germany (military child). In additional to English, I speak basic French and Spanish and an itty bitty bit of Portuguese. I love to dance salsa, bachata, merengue, and samba. I am pescatarian when I travel but eat plant based in my home. I learned to swim when I was 3 years old and since then, have always been in love with the Ocean and swimming. I now freedive as a hobby and hope to dive with beautiful sea life around the world but most notably, humpback whales in Tonga!


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