Hi, I'm Farha Mukri! 

Writer and photographer in Chicago, IL, United States. Also fiction writer, translator, and engineer.


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My travel writing has been published in The Hindu, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and blogs like Saevus Wildlife. My travel blog Trips Come True aims to highlight lesser-known destinations that abound in culture, nature, and food. My short stories are forthcoming in Calyx Journal and Bellingham Review. I also volunteer as a translator for Voices of Rural India, a curated digital platform that empowers rural storytellers.

Storytelling in all its forms is my passion. I believe that the best stories use photos and videos to augment the words. I organize the information that travelers need in an easy-to-digest format while also creating awareness about the history and culture of a destination. I strive to capture the essence of a place while generating excitement for the readers.


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