Candice Walsh’s must-read for the week July 22nd


[Feature photo: Bill Sutton]

Words and Wanderlust

BBC just launched a new long-form travel narrative column titled Words and Wanderlust, featuring both iconic and emerging writers. Its first story is titled “The walk that made me love Japan”, by past Matador contributor and talented lady, Candace Rose Rardon. I’m a big fan of Candace’s work, especially since she’s also a sketch artist and often combines words with watercolours. Have a read. We can all learn from Candace’s work.

Reclaimed Ambition – Antonia Malchik

This isn’t exactly a travel piece, but I’ve been exploring more non-linear narratives lately, and this is a pretty great example of such a style. The author recounts her years suffering from depression, and how she “reclaimed her ambition” by turning to woodworking and creating works of art out of “useless” aspen.

Some lovely words from the author herself:

I spent months making a table out of a solid block of maple, even now marveling at the beauty that emerged from the deep scars left by an indifferent sawmill, how its ripples and honey colors make me feel alive.

When Atwood Met Munro

“Nice books are boring, aren’t they?”

It’s bit of a cliché to be an Atwood fangirl, isn’t it? Oh well. I adore her. If you haven’t read anything by her, get started with “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Watch Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro chat live on a Google Hangout about literature and fun stuff.

22 Lessons from Stephen King on how to be a great writer

Remember how I proclaimed my love for Stephen King’s “On Writing” and wrote a really long and nerdy book review about it? Well now you don’t even have to read the whole book, you can just get the good stuff here in this Business Insider piece! (But you should still definitely read the book.)

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