End distraction with this app that will delete your text if you stop writing


I’m the kind of person who edits while he writes. Even right now I’ve changed the first two sentences of this five times. Stream of consciousness style writing has never sat well with me, but I know it’s a great way to exercise your creative muscles and it helps curb self-judging. When I do it I write things I’d never write if I sat and thought about it.

An app called Flowstate would help with this as well as making sure you stay on task, because if you don’t you can say bye-bye to everything you’ve typed. It’s very basic: You set how much time you want to write (up to 3 hours), choose a font, and away you go. If you stop typing the text starts to fade away and is gone after 5 seconds.

It’s kind of my worst nightmare but I just may give it a shot. You?

Photo: Janet 59

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