Break the routine and tap into your creativity


Unblocking: Today was supposed to be The Day. You told yourself you’d sit down first thing and write, or shoot a photo, or work with that video that’s been so clear in your mind. You told yourself the same thing a week ago. Somehow, it didn’t happen. Not last week. Not today. You look at the dozen books on your shelf about how to write, make photographs, make videos. Maybe it’s time to take them to the recycle store. Maybe it’s time to take a class, have a kid, another kid, leave your partner, move to the other side of the country.

The bad news? There’s nowhere to run. The good news? There’s nowhere to run. Your creativity waits. It won’t go away. Eventually, it will win.

But for now try this: change one of the actions you do habitually. Choose an easy one, something simple:

  • Get out of bed on a different side.
  • Drive home a different way.
  • Sit for five minutes before you dive into the internet (though this one can be tough).
  • Sit for twenty minutes doing nothing.

And when you start to feel something, just be with it no matter what it is. Your creativity lies deep inside that feeling. Waiting.

What habit will you change right now?

[Feature image: jqmj (Queralt)]

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