This Bentley ad crushes any excuse you can’t make an awesome film


[Feature photo: Rado]

Earlier this year, Luxury car company Bentley released an ad featuring interviews with their designers riding around in two of their flagship cars. The ad’s theme is technology, but rather than spending a fortune on sophisticated cameras that can capture 10,000 frames a second in 4K, they chose to film it with one of the most simple cameras available: the iPhone 5.

It is worth noting that even though the filmmakers used iPhones, they also used a lot of specialized equipment like camera rigs to help stabilize moving shots, and good microphones to get good audio. Check out this article on some the specialized equipment they used to make the ad.

Luckily, there are a lot of DIY designs so you can build equipment akin to what this production company used.

But, if these guys can produce a Bentley-quality commercial with the iPhone 5, and edit it on an iPad Air, then you can make kick ass travel videos with what is probably riding around in your pocket.

Looks like you’re out of excuses. No more “I’m saving for a DSLR” or “I need to save up for Final Cut Pro” (most computers come with free video-editing software from the factory).

Wherever you are, get out your phone, shoot something, edit it, and post the link in the comments section. (MatadorU students, make sure to post it to our weekly Labs to get faculty feedback.)

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