As you may have learned by now, trying to force your way through it almost never works.
How are you sabotaging your own efforts?
You won't fully meet your Critics by simply reading this post. I invite you to enter into the work.
There are near-infinite reasons why any of us find ourselves blocked. And there are nearly as many ways to break through what can feel like the end of our deepest dreams for ourselves.
You don’t fight a creative block by attacking it directly. The block is part of your psyche, so if you go after it, you are committing aggression on yourself.
Most Creatives – painters, sculptors, film makers, photographers, writers, dancers, musicians – carry within themselves critical messages that they have heard and learned throughout their life…
Your work is a reflection of you. There are far too many people you have to compete with. Give yourself the best possible chance.
Challenge yourself with you titles, and don't take them for granted.
Let it go. Understand everyone has their opinions and beliefs, and it's nothing personal against you.
I don't travel nearly as much as I used to, but climbing presents a lot of the same challenges that going somewhere completely foreign does.