Hi, I'm Ewelina Gac! 

Writer, photographer, filmmaker and talent in Warsaw, Poland. I’m a travel bloger from Poland, who has studied in Turkey, Czech & Greece, worked in USA and Hungary. I love to exlpore the world. she/her.


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• I represented the Lublin Voivodeship in the 4th Tourist Bloggers Championships, reaching almost 800,000 people with my posts and videos..
• You can find me at travel meetings and festivals - I love to share my stories!
• We got a title in the ranking of The most Influential Bloggers in Poland made by Jason Hunt in 3 years in row.
• I am a regular guest in media travel related. You can watch us at TV, see at magazines or hear in radio: in Polish national media or abroad, like in BBC News.

English blog here:


Member since Jul 2022

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