Hi, I'm Mike & Chantal! 

Photographer, filmmaker and talent in Vancouver, Canada. We are a content creator couple who are passionate about travel, adventure and creativity. Adventure has been the foundation of our relationship since the very beginning.


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Michael Pinto
Part time photographer, part time drone pilot. Full time fun guy. He brings the laughs and good times to every occasion but is kinda a wildcard. Always down for any adventure, all around handyman, and doer of many behind the scene tasks. Did I mention he flips a good burger?

Chantal Laurie
When she's not creating content, you can find her talking about her next hike or the crazy skinny she shredded on her last mountain biking trip. She just bought a van to live out her granola girl dreams and can't keep a smile off her face anytime she's outside.


Member since Feb 2023

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