Hi, I'm Andy Nevins! 

Writer, photographer, filmmaker and talent in Banff, Canada. I am a Travel + Brand Filmmaker/Photographer based in Banff. I have worked with a range of Outdoor/Apparel/Tech brands as well as experience with International Tourism boards!


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My goal is to inspire people to see the value in travel and experiences over all else. Some of the happiest moments of my life are the times when I moved to the other side of the world, sorting out the essentials and letting the rest happen organically. There is so much incredible beauty out in the world, and I'm determined to experience as much of it as I can!

Being a photographer and a filmmaker has helped me develop the will and determination to push through discomfort, to wake up early for that incredible light, and to put in the extra effort now to achieve a better result in the end!

Second to that, I love working with brands - helping them realize creative visions that elevate their brand and helping them establish a lasting connection with their audiences.


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