Hi, I'm Taryn White! 

Writer, photographer, filmmaker and talent in Washington, DC, United States. I am a DC-based travel writer who has visited more than 75 countries and all 50 states. I love a good beach and have a passion for family, healthy living, and the outdoors.


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I'm a travel writer who has written for National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, AFAR, and other outlets.

Always looking for my next adventure, I've visited more than 75 countries and all 50 states. I see travel as transformative, and I fondly recall road tripping with my family across the US as a kid.

I think the beach is always a good idea, and I love spending time outdoors, traveling with family, and exploring small towns around the world. Though I can write about just about anything, I have developed a niche in writing stories that are outside of the mainstream, historical travel pieces, family travel guides, and articles focused on traveling in the Americas.

I created The Trip Wish List to inspire and assist people who have a passion for travel with exploring the world.


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