Hi, I'm Max Seeley! 

Writer in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. I am a freelance journalist and multimedia journalism graduate from England. I have worked as a foreign correspondent in Sierra Leone but looking to make a career in travel writing. He/him.


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Ever since I read Kerouac's On the Road as a teenager I have been hooked on travelling and all the beautiful, quirky and heartbreaking stories that emerge. I am an avid reader as well as writer and find a great deal of inspiration from meeting diverse and different people and cultures. There's something to taken from all experiences no matter how mundane or "ordinary" they first appear.

I am particularity interested in new journalism and blending fiction techniques with traditional journalism to go deeper than mere facts and objectivity and unfurl the heart of each story. To stir the reader's emotions, provoke them to think and feel. To leave them with an image they won't forget.


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