Hi, I'm Jennifer Zollo! 

Writer, photographer and filmmaker in Chicago, IL, United States. I am a travel writer, bestselling author, and photographer based in Chicago. I am most active on Instagram and getting started with longer video content on Youtube.


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Once upon a time I was just a little girl going through my great grandmother's closet, when I stumbled upon a scrapbook filled with pictures of her...alone...all around the world. When I asked her why she was alone, she countered by asking me why she shouldn't be. Her children were grown, her husband had passed, and there was no reason why she should wait on someone else to go with her.

Fast forward to today where I've dedicated my life to encouraging women to explore the world around them SOLO! I do this through my blog, VagariousWanderer.com, guest posts and ghostwriting for other websites, and photography + short form videography for both my own social media handles and brands around the world.

I also published my first book, When Grief Gets a Passport, which became a #1 bestseller!


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