Hi, I'm Maria Paravantes! 

Writer and photographer in Athens Center, Greece. I'm an experienced travel & tourism writer & content creator specializing in Greek culture & travel, founder & storyteller @TheGreekVibe.com interested in unique experiences. she/her.


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Maria Paravantes writes out of Athens, Greece, about what she loves most: travel, food and culture. Born and raised in Chicago, she has covered tourism and travel, gastronomy, arts, music and culture, economy and finance, politics, healthcare and social issues for international press and media, including Fodor's Travel, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Reuters, and Billboard, among others. She is also the founder of TheGreekVibe.com, which is the ultimate go-to source for all things Greek. When she is not traveling, Maria loves to explore on foot, uncovering the secrets and stories behind destinations, cultures and music. She loves to share her finds and is passionate about creating experiences using the power of the written word.


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