Hi, I'm Nadji! 

Writer and filmmaker in Washington, DC, United States.


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Hi! I'm Nadji! I am the creator of youtube travel series MAPD and the blog site mapdlife.com!

MAPD stands for Make Art Precede Death and its mission is to enlighten and empower my fellow African American millennial travelers to broaden our horizons and look beyond domestic party hot spots when traveling.

Above all though, MAPD aims to show viewers from all backgrounds that with the right preparation and techniques, travel can be affordable and accessible.

MAPD is inspired by a quote from a man named Arsene Wenger who once said "the only way to deal with death is to transform everything that precedes it into art." I found it a beautifully fitting mantra to live by, especially as it pertains to traveling, and from it my vlog was born!

You can find me on Instagram @itsmegrizz and you can check out MAPD at mapdlife.com!


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