Hi, I'm Cameron Tricker! 

Writer in Thetford, United Kingdom. I'm a writer from the humble town of Thetford, in an irrelevant corner of England. I managed to turn my OCD into a force for good, by writing about any niche I can! he/him.


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I left the confines of my office job in the January of this year. My mental health had pushed me to a certain point, I could no longer maintain. I had to shed familial expectations, self-doubt and societal conditioning. It was probably the most conducive and freeing thing I've ever done.

To give me a sense of meaning and catharsis, I wrote about the entire experience. The act of writing alone filled me with joy, the response propelled me to write more. This culminated in my first commissioned piece for TheGamer in June. I now want to write about every facet of life. What a lens travelling is to convey those dimensions.


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