Hi, I'm Elliat Graney-Saucke! 

Writer, photographer, filmmaker and producer in Seattle, WA, United States. I'm a documentary filmmaker who has produced 2 feature docs, 20 shorts, 100+ client videos + currently editing a book and co-host of a podcast. On IG & Linkedin with TikTok coming! she/they.


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I am a documentary filmmaker, educator, organizer, writer and curator. I am currently editing an international anthology on contemporary art and heritage with Springer Publishing (2023), am host of a postcast about travel, technology, art and personal growth, and am directing a feature documentary film. As an Affiliate Faculty at the University of Washington I teach "Ethics of Storytelling" to masters students in communications. I have been active within arts and LGBTQ+ communities internationally for over 20 years. I lived in Berlin for the majority of 2005-2015 and hold a Masters in UNESCO World Heritage Studies. I run my own media production and creative consulting company focused on cultural equity and responsible leadership and am based in Seattle, WA.


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