Hi, I'm Brynn Weigelt! 

Photographer and talent. I am an outdoor adventure creator who is passionate about getting women into the outdoors! I love spreading my message on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. She/her.


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As a full time student and adventurer I make it a priority to capture my successes and failures on camera for everyone to see. Contrary to popular belief, most adventure sports have a high barrier to entry and it can be scary to try something new. I use my platform to encourage girls and women that they do not have to look a certain way to fit into the outdoors or try something new. It doesn't matter your skill set what matters is having fun and trying new things!

I have many years of experience in social media marketing, content creation, photography, videography and event planning. I attended film school in Amsterdam and British Columbia and have worked for several high profile companies making UGC and paid brand ambassador content.


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