Natasha Amar is a current student enrolled in the Fundamentals of Travel Writing and the Advanced Travel Writing courses. Apart from writing on her own blog, she works on blogging…
Nothing prepares you for this career better than jumping in and working with those who have been in your shoes as well as those who are walking right beside you.
Ben's advice about travel: Don’t have excuses not to. There really shouldn’t be anything holding you back from traveling or starting to make money in travel media.
Do what you love, well and with good vibes, and it will work out.
I've really enjoyed getting to know a community of like-minded people...many of us are now working together on projects.
MatadorU put me on the career path that I am on today. Without the MatadorU course, I would not have made the contacts or gained the experiences I use every day at work.
Mike Dewey joined MatadorU in May of 2014 when he enrolled in the Filmmaking program. He’d already been making films, most notably his and his friends’ Project Space in which they sent…
"If telling stories about the world and its people — whether through video, photography, or writing — gets you excited and makes you feel like you’re doing meaningful work, go for it. There…
Brian Lewis
My biggest takeaway from MatadorU is that you don't have to be a full-time traveler in order to be a producer of travel media.
"Exactly a year after signing up for MatadorU, I was offered the chance to join Matador's Branded Content team as an editor -- pretty much a dream come true, for lack of a more cliched phrase."