I don't travel nearly as much as I used to, but climbing presents a lot of the same challenges that going somewhere completely foreign does.
It’s so important that, if not done, could seriously hurt your credibility when pitching images to editors.
Novice photographers often ask me how to achieve that blurred out background look to images.
You may have read before that a good landscape shot has a foreground object to anchor it. How about a literal anchor?
There are 2 ways to fix distortion in Lightroom: Automatic and Manual.
I learned photography by myself and often missed some amazing opportunities because of common mistakes I could have avoided.
It’s clear that more and more photographers and companies are heading to the right direction and starting to consider mobile photography as a viable option.
[Feature photo: Horia Varlan] Internet and social platforms have allowed photographers to share their images and increase their reach exponentially. But sometimes, essential information, such as c…
Photography faculty member Kate Siobhan talks about her challenges in obtaining one of her favourites of the trip. Image Title: “Sundown at Pushkar” Behind the image: I was in the smal…
Image title: “Palawan Sunrise” Behind the image: It was my last day in the Philippines and I hadn’t caught a good sunrise the whole time. I had kind of given up on the idea and w…