And bonus points for doing double duty as a secure “money belt” solution for international travel
Hummingbird Cargo Carrier is my latest choice, a no bullshit, lightweight vinyl and nylon carrier that protects against anything I throw at it.
It’s not that I don’t care about my tech devices; I love them. I just simply love them a little too hard.
It must, however, be noted that the importance of comfortable undergarments (does that word work for men, too?) can not be overstated
All images by MatadorU Student Kristen Bor Nothing against rocks. I love rocks. In fact, on the John Muir Trail, the presence of a good rock was often the deciding factor in whether a spot made fo…
If you’ve ever read a list of packing suggestions, you know that a flashlight is a critical piece of safety gear
To really see whether this tee lives up to all the hype, I knew I wanted to sweat.
Klean Kanteen is in the business of preventing waste by encouraging water drinkers (i.e. the world) to #BringYourOwn.