Mary Sojourner's Posts

Mary is a writer with seven nationally published books (the latest coming out in August 2014 from Torrey House Press) and has been mentoring writers since 1990 at writing conferences, universities, colleges, and for private students. She wrote her first novel when she was 46, fought her first environmental battle that same year, ran her first river when she was 51, started rock climbing when she was 55, was awarded Distinguished Writer in Residence at Arizona State University in 2007, and likes to solo hike and camp as often as she can. She works with her student's fiction, creative non-fiction, novels, and poetry with respect and a fierce eye for quality. Mary's students tell her that working with her takes them down a wild path to their real stories. She teaches that the deepest stories originate in place.

Writing isn't speed dating, but sometimes it can feel that way.
You know the symptoms. That hollow ache in the gut if you even think about writing. The voices in your mind muttering, “Why bother?”
My writing – or, rather The Writing – has been my most ardent lover.
"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back."
What have you got to lose? 2015 is well launched.
Here are the three books that will carry your through getting unstuck, unblocked - and published
I've been in the writing business for thirty years, as a writer, editor and teacher.
Imagine that you look back at this page twenty years from now. What would you want to find?
I hope we’ll meet at one or more of these readings and signings.
Stop: believing that your writing is somwhere down the road, in Brazil, in Botswana, in Nepal, in Mongolia – it’s in Cleveland, in Philly, in Bloomfield, New Mexico, in your backyard.