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Your favorite travel hack?

I remember the first time my mom lent me her Kindle for a trip — it was a game changer. I’m a huge reader when I travel, and I’ve never been good at committing to one book, so I’d always lug around five, which would outweigh all of the rest of my luggage. With the Kindle, I could carry hundreds of books, and it would still weigh less than a skinny little paperback.

How about you guys? What’s your favorite travel “hack” that you’ve learned?

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Nowadays we travel with lots of electronic stuff… phone, camera, gopro, ipad, kindle, etc… and if you travel with your partner that implies twice the stuff so, when you get to your hotel/hostel/AirBnB… the charging plug is an issue, so, our fav travel hack is always carry with us one of these multiplugs, so we don’t need an adapter for every item. just one for this and our gear plugs/charges on the multi wich has our local plug.

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I wrote an article on this to share what I’ve learned throughout my travels to 30+ countries, hope it helps!¬†

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