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Your favorite travel hack?

I remember the first time my mom lent me her Kindle for a trip — it was a game changer. I’m a huge reader when I travel, and I’ve never been good at committing to one book, so I’d always lug around five, which would outweigh all of the rest of my luggage. With the Kindle, I could carry hundreds of books, and it would still weigh less than a skinny little paperback.

How about you guys? What’s your favorite travel “hack” that you’ve learned?

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Not sure if this qualifies as a “hack”, but I always try to fit everything into a single backpack when I travel, to avoid checking a bag. Aside from the obvious techniques of putting shoes on the bottom, storing rolled-up socks inside the shoes to save space, and wearing your bulkiest clothing on the flight, so you don’t have find a place for it in the bag, one of the best little hacks is utilizing the laptop pocket. If you’ve got dress shirts, or nice shirts for going out, which you don’t want to wrinkle, fold them up and slide them into the the thin laptop pocket. It keeps shirts pressed and neat, prevents wrinkling, and frees up space in the main compartment for other stuff.

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Rolling instead of folding clothes.

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I keep a bag of toiletries at home ready to go at a moment’s notice so I don’t have to try and remember anything while I’m packing. Just grab that bag and pack it. Everything is airplane regulation sized. I either bought the items that way or transferred them to smaller plastic bottles from the big jug. Every time I get my teeth cleaned, the hygienist gives me a travel-sized tube of Crest or Colgate. Into the bag it goes. I never run out. When I return from a trip, I refill everything, purchase new, whatever. There are too many details to remember when traveling. Trying to remember to pack my shampoo and deodorant are details I can skip. Just have to have doubles of everything: one for home and one for the bag.

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My favourite one would be using Google Flights and Skyscanner to find cheap flights and using Booking to book hostels/hotels with free cancellation. Those two made my travelling waaay cheaper. I think everyone should know about this.

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Definitely have to check that out Nofi.


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Agoda, my favourite app to find cheap hotel, lots of discount and we can choose to pay later..

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Hands down, playing the points and miles game. My husband and I have flown for free all over the world 🙂 The bible of points hacking is definitely


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You can sometimes get a taxi that has been straggling outside the departures area at some international airports, particular ones where security is a bit lax. Not a guarantee every time, but when you find them, it’ll save you a ton of time instead of waiting in a long queue by arrivals. Just make sure they run the meter before you enter!

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My favorite travel hack is to always carry on.

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I just got a kindle and I love it! I think my best hack is my tiny little toilet bag – toothpaste, comb, earplugs, eye mask, underwear, chapstick. Has saved me when bags lost several times, and always best to take earplugs with you!

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I always keep a credit card, and a large denomination bank note and a sim card, in my bra. Sadly, been pick pocketed twice, so they have been pressed into service. Not a tip for the guys, but I am sure you can come up with an alternative hiding place.

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Julia, for guys, they can keep the cash in their sock.

For travel hacks, I recommend this:

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My favorite travel hack is using packing cubes (to stay organized and not spend so much time sorting through luggage!) or booking a flight that leaves in the evening and arrives the next day (no need to pay for a hotel and no time wasted) 🙂

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Best travel hack is carrying least but just the necessary stuff, so that you can buy off from places you visit.

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