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Writing Pitch Lab this week

Hello MatadorU,

The Writing and the Photography Labs are both open – if you would like to participate in the Labs make sure you get your work submitted before the deadline.

And remember that Labs are every Wednesday – they are no longer held on Mondays.

This week the Writing Lab is a PITCH LAB – instead of students receiving feedback on a piece of writing we are going to focus on improving our pitches. Matador Network Managing Editor Carlo Alcos will be reviewing and offering feedback on writing pitches.

A Pitch Lab was a student suggestion that we thought was a great idea – thanks for the awesome feedback!

Check the Writing and Photography Forum for the Lab threads.

Happy Travels,


View Profile 2013-04-24 16:27:19 PDT

Hi Josh,

This is such a fantastic idea. I’m glad MatadorU is now offering this. Will there be a pitch lab more often?



View Profile 2013-04-26 16:09:44 PDT

I think there will be – we want to keep things fresh and respond to student’s suggestions when possible – we loved the pitch labs idea and I think we should offer them on a semi-regular basis.

View Profile 2013-04-26 17:17:20 PDT

That would be wonderful. I’ll be keeping my eye out for new pitch labs when I’m ready to pitch to magazines.

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Hey Josh!

Just a quick question about the pitch lab. Should we upload an entire article or just pitch a summary of an article we’ve already written? I haven’t gotten to the Pitch chapter yet of my writing course, so I’m a little unsure. Thanks!

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