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Write for The Wayfarer Travel Magazine

I run an online travel blogazine called The Wayfarer, and we are always looking for submissions! It’s new, so I cannot afford to pay, but if you are looking to get your writing out there, you are more than welcome to include us in your portfolio. Please send pitches and proposals to me at

-Brett Gordon


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Hey Bret,

Good luck with your travel blogazine! But – I’ve got to tell you, you’d be better off digging deep enough to actually pay for articles and photos. Even $.05 per word is only $50 per 1,000 word article, and that puts you ahead of Matador, Verge Magazine, TravelPulse, GoNomad, and a host of more “established” online “travel sites.” Talk about instant credibility!  I’m not sure how you are monetizing “TheWayfarer” – but two new articles per week would be less than $400 per month, and that’s not much of an overhead?

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