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Why I'm Not Going to Complete Assignment 10

I am not going to make myself a Media Kit. I’m not creating an ‘Advertise’ page. Why not? Don’t I want to make money? Well yes… no… kind of.

A few years ago my greatest ambition in life was to escape from the monetary system. Unfortunately, the processes I decided it would be necessary to engage with in order to pull off this feat do not appear to be conducive to a life lived adrift, a life on the road. I do know some people (two, in fact) who are travelling long-term without the use of money. One of them travels between communities, helping out, using his expertise in computers and his absolute passion in money-free living to survive, or potentially even thrive. This is kind of where I started out – travelling to communities, to projects, helping with campaigns. But I want to write. I *need* to write. How do I write if my life consists of feeding into other people’s – enormously worthwhile – projects? Hmm…

The other money-free being, judging by his blog, seems to survive by accepting whatever other people give him – lifts, food, beer, cigarettes…

Neither of these models fits with the way I want to live. Also, they only really work in rich Western countries, and I want to go East. And I don’t want to survive by begging food from poor people, or even by accepting the endless hospitality of those who have really very little to share. I need money. Damn.

So now I am using money. What I want is to be more sustainable with that money – not just finish off my savings; not live on government support. I need to build a bit of resilience into this life of mine. So maybe I could write… for money? Yes, it appears I can do that. Obviously, as well all learned in Chapter 7, it would be tough to make a full living out of freelancing, but really, I need very little. When I’m on the road, I only pay for food. And I still have a small income coming in from sub-letting my flat.

What I don’t want is for my writing to become a sideline, a method by which I earn money from advertising. Apologies and no offence meant by this to anyone, but it really feels like selling my soul. I have heard Julian Assange say that we are all the product now when it comes to social networking – that’s largely why I don’t have a Facebook account (though I do now have a Twitter – probably not much better). If I make an advertising page, if I start thinking of everything I write in terms of selling ad space to corporations, that will really be the end of anything I held dear to my heart before I started this course. Also, my readers will hate me for it. Yes, they will. Trust me.

There are some other avenues I am open to going down in future – looking at other traveller blogs in the last assignment, I was inspired to see people making money by selling books, with a donate button and by running retreats. These are all interesting ideas and I bet there are a lot more out there. For now, I’m going to skip this week and move onto taking photos.

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You may be surprised to learn (unless you happened to be eavesdropping in the other thread where a similar issue about blog monetization came up and I got a whaling from one student) that I feel quite similarly and that none of my five blogs is monetized. That being said, I’m *convinced* that there’s a way to monetize online spaces in a way that’s creatiev and honest and not slimy and that is conflict free… but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. :)

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Actually, I did read some of the posts in that thread, but I was still a little nervous about posting this piece. It’s nice to hear that others feel the same way, especially somebody with a prominent position in a magazine I respect.

Thanks for the support :)

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Basically, I’m waiting for the renaissance of patronage.

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