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Who else here in the community produces audio / music?

hey everyone,

was interested to know who else here made audio / music a part of their production or storytelling. i’ve always been fascinated by audio, and before getting into journalism i worked for a while as a recording engineer in atlanta. since, i’ve always tinkered with taking field recordings and working them into little remixes, but for the first time i’m turning it into a regular practice–making whatever local music / sounds there are a part of the daily videos i’m posting on my insta.

who else is doing something with field recording / audio / music? would love to collaborate or check out what you have going on.



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I had no idea you worked as a recording engineer. That’s cool. I’ve never used my own music to tell a story but I’d love to play around with that, no real idea where to start. I’ve always had a thought of trying to collaborate with this community musically because I know there are some musicians in here. Let me know if you need some bass guitar 🙂

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