Forums General GENERAL Which was that place that, when you went to, it was NOT what you expected?

Which was that place that, when you went to, it was NOT what you expected?

A friend from Saudi Arabia that I met in Kenya came to visited us to Mexico, when he arrived his first words were: “Wow, Mexico is green, not grey!” because all thet he had see about Mexico was desert and grey areas. also, when we went to Udaipur in India, we were told that it was the “Venice of India” and we did not agree with that, so, tell me, about that place that you visites and was NOT what you expected, was it better? was it worse? also followme at Instagram: jajalberto1 (i´ll return the follow).


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Malta.  360+ days of sunshine, ancient bronze age temples, and a hospitality infrastructure which simply can not be beat.

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Houston surprised me. I’d always traveled for work to the Johnson Space Center area or The Woodlands for work and wasn’t terribly impressed. Then one year my mom and I spent a weekend and explored Montrose and the neighborhood around Rice University. We were impressed with the food scene and watched the NCAA Tournament at some great beer bars.

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My first visit to Las Vegas impressed me. I didn’t expect so big cultural event. I thought this city is nothing but casinos but I also found an amazing shows My friends took me to this city almost by force, and as a non-hazardous person I was sure that I would be bored. But even such a bore as I could have fun

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Oman, kind of surprised me. I loved it for the good.

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