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Where's everyone traveling to this spring?

Where’s everyone traveling this spring?? 🙂 I just came back from Mexico and off to Curaçao in a week. Let’s share our travel plans!

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Austin, Tx! First time, and it’ll be during SXSW craziness 😀

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Cambodia! finally.. it’s only taken me 15 years.

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After a long stretch in Southern Africa we’re seeing Italy for the first time!

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going to be heading to australia, then around the world trip starting in May too many places to list!

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I just came back from exploring Holguin in Cuba. I would recommend it, especially taking a catamaran to the private island that was once owned by Fidel Castro and his family and touring on an open Jeep to see all the incredible wildlife.

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I just came back from a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s definitely a place worth visiting!

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My wallet says no to trips already! However, Indonesia is enticing to both me and my wallet 🙁

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Japannnnn hurrahhh.. Can’t wait for it.

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Disneyland, Orange County, Tree House in Texas, & Jamaica

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Charlotte NC, Orlando and Daytona Beach FL, and then Portland Maine.

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Disney World (Epcot specifically) for the Flower and Garden Festival.  Even if you aren’t a “Disney person” I would highly recommend the Flower and Garden Festival – so beautiful!

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I’m traveling to the Canary Islands (Spain) for the Carnival. We even have arranged a “moving-party” on the parade that’s like an open bar party with dj, food and lots of people on a huge truck ON THE PARADE from 5pm till 1am. Sounds pretty fun and I can’t wait.

And for the first week of April, I’ll be in Marrakech (Morocco) playing tourist around the city and also have a two-days trip to the Sahara Desert organized. We will be spending the night in the dunes of the desert in the typical Berber nomad tent. Spending the night watching the stars in the Sahara desert must be like watching the Northern Lights in Iceland. I’m so excited.

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I am travelling to the Algarve in the South of Portugal for Easter’s holidays. I can’t wait to explore the amazing coastline and eat fresh fish every day!

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