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What's your safe/happy place?

The first time I went to Vienna I hated it; the second time I got there by mistake, so I hated it even more. I spent a few years telling everyone Vienna was overrated. Then I moved there.

It could have been a terrible year — I spent one of the first weeks in the hospital, and my health (I have MS) was pretty bad all those months. I made some great friends, but then they left and I decided to stay longer. I was strangely in love with the city. Now it’s the place I know I can always go back to whenever I’m feeling sad or weak or just not-so-well. It doesn’t make everything ok, but it helps me breathe, think and go back to the right direction.

I once read Stuart Murdoch (Belle and Sebastian) always goes to LA whenever he needs to hit reset and feel better.

Do you have a place like this? Where’s your Vienna or LA?

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My happy place is actually my garden. I travel a lot so it helps me feel more grounded, centered, and it helps me feel an orderly sense of rhythm and cycle in whats otherwise a pretty busy and chaotic life.  Coming back to it is always nothing less than lovely, even when I see it needs a lot of love and attention.

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Italy! It was one of the first trips I ever made out of the U.S. as a kid, and it has a special place in my heart. I’ve since learned the language, so I feel particularly at ease whenever I visit. I can communicate and get around without stress, and of all the places I’ve spent time, it’s one of the ones that feel most like “home.” When my former partner and I separated, I went to Sicily to heal. When I was tired of wandering around and needed a place to rest my soul (and my feet), I went to Rome. Whenever I’m feeling like I need to restore and nourish, Italy is my go-to.

And, of course, the food is unbeatable. ­čśë

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My safe place and my happy place are two different places for me. My safe place is definitely my dad’s house, he lives in a small town in Northern California. The house is surrounded by rolling green hills, trails to hike, small creeks and all the wildlife you could imagine! Between the beautiful scenery and the home cooking, nothing makes me feel more secure.

My happy place is the beach, specifically Winansea┬áBeach in San Diego, CA. It’s a 15-minute bike ride from my house and makes me feel completely at peace in the world. Whether I’m enjoying the sunset with a beer and a friend or in the midst of a workout, the ocean truly resonates with my soul.

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For a few months now, my happy place has been Milan. I don┬┤t visit often, but somehow it has become a second home for me. I have friends there I can trust, I know the metro lines by heart and I know where to find everything I need. I first went there after three months of solo travelling, which was a great, but difficult experience, and I suppose I needed to create a kind of haven for myself.

Wherever I go, however, I usually try to find a forest or a beach away from the crowds. Just me and the pure wild nature – that┬┤s for me the best way to find my peace.

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