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What’s your dream trip?

Mine is to travel the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow all the way to Ulaanbaatar and it should be happening in August 2018.

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Road tripping in New Zealand would be wonderful.

In 2005 I rode the train from Paris to St Petersburg with two good friends. One of them and his husband will travel the Trans-Siberian railway with me; because two friends of theirs are also wanting to come (another married couple), he’s organizing it all! I’m not sure If Jesse wants to come, but I’m hoping so. I’ll read your pieces on the topic. Thanks, Carlo!

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Love taking trains – and a dream trip is to take the Trans-Siberian and add to it. A lot. Start in London, loop over to Beijing, then take trains all the way over to Mumbai – that’s about as far as you can take it these days.

One day…

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I think my dream is to travel across Central Asia, especially Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. I love overland adventures far more than flying. You really see the land around you and watch how it changes from place to place. Trans-Siberian looks wonderful like that, too!

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Either meandering my way through Mongolia on horse accompanied by throat singers and sleeping yurts, or Morocco for the surf, Saharan stars, food food food and probably way too much shopping in markets.

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@Jane and @Jennifer: Trains/overland adventures are the way to travel. It’s so nice to take it slow.

: I’d love to extend my Trans-Siberian trip with an adventure in Mongolia, but I think we’ll lack time to do that.


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Oh my gosh, Morgane and Cathy, you took the words out of my mouth! Those are two of mine for sure. 🙂

Two others:

> To sail from Cape Town or Tanzania to India.

> Cape To Cairo without my own vehicle.

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@Toby: Can you sail? That would be an incredible trip.

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@Morgane I can sail as of a couple weeks ago! I just completed my competent crew course–so I’m a beginner, but could definitely get passage as a crew member. 🙂

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On your Trans Siberia trip, frozen Lake Baikal is a must- see!

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@Pete: I don’t think it will be frozen when I’ll be there in August, but I am looking forward to a swim!

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@Morgane very true. It will be very different to my experience then, minus 18 degrees. A tad cold.

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@Pete: I’ll have to plan two trips 🙂

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I am German-Jewish and feel this driving force, pushing me to Germany and the concentration camps. I would love to find a media trip to apply for, but will make it there regardless. I have always been interested in WWII and visit many Holocaust memorials/museums/attractions, etc. Have written many articles on those experiences – which are heart-wrenching.

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I have wanted to go to Australia ever since I was in 2nd grade. I was absolutely in love with Steve Irwin. Now as an adult I still want to go to Australia but I’d also like to visit New Zealand. I love reading about both countries and looking at pictures from there. I love the idea of the campervan New Zealand trip. So fun. Although I don’t think I would enjoy it as much with my toddler, husband and dog(who I couldn’t leave behind)


Thomas the train trip sounds so fun. I’ve never ridden a train so I will have to add that to my list!

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