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What’s on your 2017 travel list?

Hola from sunny Barcelona!

As 2017 is hours away, I’m thinking of where I’d like to go next year. So far, I’ve got Sweden, Greece and Bulgaria on my list and am thinking of a what else I could add that would challenge me (Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan for example).

Where would you guys like to go?


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My 2017 travel list would be 2 main places. ‘

I want to go back to Alabama to visit my bestfriend who lives there. We always have so much fun together!

The second place would be Rad Coffee in Upland, California. They have many unique flavors of coffee; such as Cookie Monster. Its a blue whipped topping with cookie crisp cereal on it. It is a very hipster coffee shop. Number 1 on my bucket list.

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2 weeks  in Morrcco in April and after that… one way ticket to SE Asia! 🙂

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Italy, Malta and Montenegro! I’ve recently added Montenegro because I was trawling the internet for gorgeous travel pics of the outdoors and so many of the ones that I loved were from this gorgeous little country!

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@Milena nice! Where in Morocco? And what will you be doing in SE Asia? I did the one-way ticket adventure there last year at this time, definitely a learning experience 🙂

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@Emma Caldwell nice! Montenegro is on my list too and just came back from Malta, it was beautiful! Try Gululu for rabbit.

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Alaska in the summer and maybe Portugal in the fall for the Lisbon marathon!

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I went to Antarctica with NatGeo Lindblad in January, Buenos Aires, Argentina in January, and just returned from Raja Ampat, Indonesia in February! Great start to the year!

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