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What’s on your 2017 travel list?

Hola from sunny Barcelona!

As 2017 is hours away, I’m thinking of where I’d like to go next year. So far, I’ve got Sweden, Greece and Bulgaria on my list and am thinking of a what else I could add that would challenge me (Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan for example).

Where would you guys like to go?


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As first destination this year, India is done 🙂 More to come, including a blog post for the adventures there

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Headed to Israel in March! The rest is a mystery. I won a trip with Princess Cruise – so I should probably go on that this year. I’ve never been on a cruise!

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@Kae Lani that is awesome! I’ve heard Israel is beautiful. As for the cruise, I went on one, it was nice not to have to arrange transportation between all these countries we saw and the ship rocks you to sleep, haha. Enjoy!

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1. April: Road trip from Cairns – Brisbane

2. May: Hong Kong

3. May:  The Netherlands

4. June:  Camper road trip through Western Europe for 4 weeks

5. December Bali

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Definitely India! Always wanted to go, this year is gotta be the time. Also want to travel around Indonesia after or before, sounds like an amazing country to explore. Currently discovering parts of Mexico.

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@Family Jonkman I love how structured your plan is! Mine is like “I wanna visit Malta, let’s see what weekend I’ll wake up and get on a plane” 😀 Bali is beautiful btw, if it’s your first time make sure to go to Uluwatu. Lots of people head straight to Ubud, but Uluwatu gives you a much better idea of what Bali is really like beside the “Eat, Pray, Love” fancy image

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Colombia or Nicaragua, I was there in 2012 and fell in love with it!

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I want to go back to Turkey. I was there in 2009 but I only saw Istanbul. This time I want to visit Cappadocia and Antalya.

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Jerusalem! I’ve heard a couple of amazing stories by friends who traveled there in the past month, from both religious and non-religious people. The experience seems to be life changing for all.

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What about trekking in the base camp of world’s highest peak Mt. Everest, Everest Base Camp Trek.

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I planned to trek to K2 Basecamp in Pakistan but the so-called president of the USA is getting in the way with so much political confusion and uncertainties.  I am leaning towards a safer mountain destination as a result.

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Hello from Oregon,

I am heading out to to Cabo in March, bring on the sun! Lake Como followed by the Netherlands in May. Montana and Napa in July. NY/CT followed by Italy and France in September.

I’m new to the world of MatU and excited to put my travel stories in writing.

V. Estelle

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Ireland and Sayulita, Mexico in March! Then in May, I’m chugging around the United States for a few weeks via the Amtrak.

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Japan , Taiwan  and Isanbul

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In no particular order:
Miscellanea destinations in England (I live here);
Parma, Trieste, Verona, Bologna, Lake Garda in Italy;
Stockholm, Sweden;
Dublin, Ireland;
Copenhagen, Denmark;
Chicago, USA.

Busy year!

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