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What’s on your 2017 travel list?

Hola from sunny Barcelona!

As 2017 is hours away, I’m thinking of where I’d like to go next year. So far, I’ve got Sweden, Greece and Bulgaria on my list and am thinking of a what else I could add that would challenge me (Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan for example).

Where would you guys like to go?


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Sounds like a great plan Dayana.

I’m heading to New Zealand with a Working Holiday Visa. I will try and see more of Oceania/Polynesia while there.

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The top of my list is Haida Gwaii in Northern BC. I’ve been drawn there since I read The Golden Spruce and I’m really interested in First Nations culture. Not sure if it’s in the cards for 2017 but who knows! I will be going to Hawaii in February though, so pretty excited about that.

How about the trans-Siberian (and go into Mongolia from that)? I did that in 2007. If you do it independently it’s a good challenge 🙂

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Carlo, are you going to be doing any surfing in Hawaii? The island is supposed to have some of the best waves.

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No…to be honest the water is not my preferred environment! I’m not that great a swimmer. I’ll do some snorkelling. We’ll be doing a small boat tour from Molokai to Kona over a week visiting some of the islands.

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I just found out Wizzair is starting flights from Budapest (where I’m living) to various destinations in the Balkans, like Sarajevo (one of my favourite cities), Skopje, Tirana, Pristina, Podgorica, so I’m aiming to hit up the Republic of Macedonia and Albania this summer, hopefully. Would love to do Uzbekistan, but don’t think that’s happening this year.

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Vincent, I’m yet to get over to NZ! I’ve seen a ton of movies/ documentaries set there and it looks absolutely beautiful.

Carlo, I bet Hawaii would be a nice change from the snow. Take lots of pictures!

Jennifer, the Albanian coast looks really cool, you should check it out. The Balkans are very underrated in a way. Though we are much less developed than Western Europe in terms of infrastructure, there are huge chunks of unadulterated natural beauty and food is ridiculously good. I was born in Bulgaria so I speak from experience 🙂

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I am starting the year with trip to Delhi, India – in a search for good photos for my facebook profile picture, Kiruna, Sweden – for the northern lights, during -30C temperature and will finish the quarter with 2 weeks in New Zealand. Starting point for everything is Sofia, Bulgaria

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Dayana, definitely! I love the Balkans, and Bulgaria is one of my favourite countries. I’ve travelled most of the regions since I live next door in Hungary (so the infrastructure doesn’t bother me 😉 ), Albania and Macedonia are the only two from the area I haven’t done yet. 🙂

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So far, Amsterdam, Vancouver and Greece, Probably a trip home to Sweden as well  🙂

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For me Amsterdam, Madeira, Cape Verde, Cyprus and I’d like to go to some Eastern European countries and of course Scandinavian countries.

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@Malin – Yes to Greece! I want to see Crete and Corfu. Back in middle school in Bulgaria, we were assigned to read a book which followed a little boy’s adventure with animals on Corfu and since then I’ve wanted to go play with the turtles 😀
@Misha Cape Verde, hell yea! I’ve got a good friend from there and her Instagram game is so on point every time she goes home. Do it!

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Great destinations! I am looking forward to travelling to Iceland this winter, enjoying the hot springs, waterfalls, and hopefully incredible northern lights. I’m hoping to visit in the down season, as I have heard tourism has been increasing steadily over the last couple years!

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I will be heading to Scotland to bike the Outer Hebrides in June, and hopefully add biking the Icefield Parkway in Canada in September.

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Wow! I just joined today and came across this discussion about places to visit! I am starting with South of India.Visiting Pondicherry and Coorg this month.As for the year, I really hope and wish I can make it to Amsterdam,Budapest and Croatia! Greece is also on top of my list.

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