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What was your biggest "oh, thank god!" moment on the road?

I’ve been traveling for almost 10 years now and always try to be grateful and stay calm in the face of things going wrong, so I thought we’d share some “oh, thank god” moments 🙂

Here’s mine: I was at this tree house place in the jungle of the Dominican Republic last year.  I was volunteering as a translator for a dental pop-up clinic. We had 30+ dentists from the US geared up to go fix some teeth when suddenly, this storm hit and the entire bridge connecting our village to the nearby town got destroyed.

I was really scared of the storm and whether my house would fall down but thankfully, the weather calmed down and because the bridge was ruined, we created a makeshift zipline and crossed over to the town for safety/ supplies.

Your turn! Share a moment of relief on the road.

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I was on a solo trip in the Philippines and was headed to the ferry in one of those bike taxi things. I was dropped off and checked in. I’m ready to buy a snack while waiting for the boat and realize my money is gone. I’m having a meltdown at this point because the ferry is coming in and I don’t have any cash and didn’t have enough time to go to an ATM. If I missed this ferry, the next one wasn’t coming until tomorrow.

A few minutes later I hear running through the terminal and someone is screaming “ma’am ! Ma’am !”. I turn around and it’s my driver coming back to return all of my money. I never felt so relieved in my life. I tried to tip him for his kindness and he refused to take a dollar from me.

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Ok, here’s mine. I’m in Denmark with my son, and we get off the train at our stop, like we have many times before. We start walking relieved we are close to home, but when we get at the door, we get a terrible surprise. Turns out I had left my wallet on the train,  my wallet that basically had our whole life in it…the apartment keys, my money, my cards …all GONE.  So there we are, tired and sitting by the apartment building door, and it starts raining. I realize with dread that we have nothing, not even an umbrella and we are in a foreign country.

I decided to go back to the train station and check each train that comes back from the destination we had just came from. After about an hour of frantic searching, we didn’t find it and I’m trying my best to keep it together, but I’m feeling very close to total desperation. I start wondering how truly awful it must be to be on the streets with nothing. I tell myself I’m being absurd, I have family I can call, I’m not alone in the world. However, at the moment I truly have nothing, and we are hungry, tired, wet and without the ability of getting into our home. In this completely chaotic state of mind, I somehow make a connection with a lady on the train we had just searched, and in which I was now seated, feeling  defeated. She asks me what’s wrong and I tell her the situation, aware of the feeling of shame that comes up because I’m in such a desperate situation. I tell myself, I will process that feeling later, as this is most definitely not the time. She was a lady in the fifties, dressed as a hippie and with a very grounded energy. She offers us to come to her place and eat while I figure things out. Her kindness touches my heart and we end up going, even though my skeptical voice is screaming I’m out of my mind taking us to a stranger’s home. I tell it to shut up, this is Denmark and the lady seems sweet. And she was. She fed us home made bread and vegan soup and sweets. We felt nourished and rejuvenated. We connected a lot on a Soul level and I deeply enjoyed her art and flower filled house.

I found my wallet later, at a cafe. It wasn’t on the train after all.

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Nearly missing our Paris-Mexico flight when we got lost at the Paris Subway.  When we saw the counter of AirFrance at Charles DeGaulle Airport and the lady said that we were on time…. uff   Oh Thank G-d!

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OMG @Dev that’s crazy! & brings back our hope in humanity

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@River holy cow. Yeah, I know quite a few people from Denmark and they do offer kindness to strangers. Did you ever go to Christiania? That’s hippie central; it’s amazing. So glad to hear you got your wallet back & yeah, it’s so SO hard to suppress the voice of desperation sometimes so good for you that you kept it together <3 if you ever end up in a situation like that in Barcelona (let’s hope not!) hit me up!

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@Alberto I feel ya. Missing a flight sucks. It happened to me only once in Malta and it felt preeettty bad but hey, it’s bound to happen at some point in life. You guys were lucky! The Paris metro is crazy

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