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What sacrifices do you make so that you can travel more?

What are you willing to give up in order to travel?  What’s been the most difficult thing for you to sacrifice in order to make your travel dreams a reality?

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I’m not sure if it is a sacrifice, but I try to avoid buying new clothes. I like travelling light so I pack less clothes. Now I’m used to wearing the same clothes a few days in a row.

On the other hand, I end up blowing money on Nutella – worldwide.

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Basically everything, these past few years! Like Vincent, I buy very little—try to reserve purchases for the necessities. That was the hardest thing at the beginning; I really loved my stuff! I hardly drink, I’ve never owned a car, and I’m usually pretty thrifty on accommodation and other transport. That all seriously adds up.

One thing I never sacrifice: good food. I don’t see the point of not enjoying daily life (ie. eating well, going to great music shows, generally cultivating a happy lifestyle), for some future life event (ie. travel). Although it’s a bit different now that I’m constantly on the move. I’ve had to find a balance between living well and sustaining my lifestyle.

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Now that Toby mentioned it, I did sell my car in 2013 in order to travel more.

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I think the biggest sacrifice I’ve made through my long term travel, and the one that affects me most, is losing touch with my friends back home. Sure, we still keep in touch, but there are so many things that I’m not there for and end up missing out on while I’m overseas. But like you said, it had to happen to make my travel dreams a reality.

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I agree with James that it’s sometimes hard to keep in touch with friends when I’m on the road so much. I’ve lost friendships over it. Even when I do come back from an extended trip (several months at a time) you always have to put in a little bit of extra effort to reconnect and get back to where you were before you left. People fill in the gap of “you in their life” when you’re gone and you need to remind them to make space when you’re back!

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I try not to eat or drink out so much. I prepare all my meals for the week and save my dinner outings for when I am traveling.

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Time to spend with my family is what I have been sacrificing, because I wanted to travel to places that don’t have luxurious resorts and my parents are more recreational travelers.

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Well, I am Mexican and as you might know, our salary is basically peanuts, so I decided to move to russia once in order to travel to the Transiberian train journey in 2013. I found a job as a Spanish and English teacher and moved to Moscow in order to make enough money to travel all accross Russia.

So, I sacrificed my beautiful weather (I live in the Caribbean), my beach, my boyfriend (who afterwards decided to follow my craziness), my job, my family and my delicious Mexican food, just to be able to see the other side of the world. The trip was in January, so I moved there in September to start working, adapt to the language, the alphabet, the culture and, of course, the weather. I loved it so, so, so much, that I ended up living there for 3 years and did the Transiberian journey twice. So if you see it like that, I don’t really think it was a sacrifice.

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I love the question. Three years ago I gave up my apartment in North Vancouver, Canada to travel. Rents are expensive in the Vancouver area and I couldn’t justify having an apartment and travelling as much as I wanted so I put everything in storage.  And here I am 3 years later still living in hostels, staying in AirBNB’s and couch surfing at friends when I’m home.   So I guess you could say my biggest sacrifice has been giving up a home but it doesn’t really feel like a hardship.  I love my life.

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I drove all the way from southern sunny Europe to Sweden two years ago with my husband and our three children. We had to adapt to the new country, culture and climate. In Portugal, we had dinner out almost every week for half the price we pay in Stockholm area. In order to travel in Sweden to explore and enjoy outdoors activities with the family, we skip our dinners out.

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I have gladly sacrificed new items in order to save money: books, clothes, gear, camera equipment, etc… You can find gently used items for almost anything at a great price. I sacrificed finishing school for a long time, in order to live in Africa (it was totally worth it). Sacrificed many relationships- friends and romantic- in order to travel. Again, it was always worth it. The hardest item in my life to sacrifice in order to save money to travel has been….. craft beer. I used to blow my paychecks on beer.

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I live in a very small, shabby-chic home with an exceptionally used car and don’t eat out much so I can go to some faraway destination every few years. Tomorrow is Uruguay, from Alaska. 🙂

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