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What place (city/country) would you most like to see a trip planning guide?

Hey everyone, I was working today with various trip planning pieces and wondering which places people had the most interest for trip planning articles / guides. Let me know, and why.

My vote: Cuba. Currently we’ve got a lot of “why you should go” style pieces, as well as some incredible video, but I’m looking for more specific recommendations and spots on travelstoke.



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I think Patagonia is tricky for most people who have never been here before. Most travelers underestimate the massive size (30 hour bus trips are no biggie…and that’s just once you get to Patagonia) and many don’t get that parts are in Chile and parts are in Argentina.  I see many people thinking “I’ll ski Bariloche, head to the Chilean fjords, do the glacier at Calafate, hike Torres del Paine, and bust over to see some penguins.”  And they have 12 days.  I’d love to see some info about how long distances are, where the border crossing are to be able to go back and forth, how intense some of the weather conditions can be, how ass-backwards some of the basic tourism logistics are here (and how to learn to roll with it instead of getting frustrated).

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I’d love to see Slovenia, Montenegro, Mongolia, Albania – spots that are lesser known but equally as beautiful as popular spots like Italy and Greece. I think Mongolia would be at the top of my list because of the breathtaking scenes of farmers and small tribes working with their animals. I’d be interested to find out more about them.

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Those are great choices Dayana. Mongolia is fascinating to me as well. I had the opportunity to interview linguist David Harrison, who spoke about some of the most interesting cultural elements from Mongolia (the Tuvan people). You can check it out here:


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