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What drives you to create?

You might know how this can be: you are so on fire for getting your words out that you pull over to the side of the road and write a few lines; you keep a notebook by your bed; you cancel time with a friend because you just want you and your writing. Tell us how it is for you. And, when did you first know that you were/are a writer?

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Recently, I looked back at my life as if I somewhere on a mountain staring at the path that brought me to where I am. I analysed what moments I felt more aware, alive and expansive, what moments I felt lower and emptier, and the lessons that I had learnt from both. I realised that in every situation, what drove me to get out of the house and walk further was passion.

I am in love with passionate people, regardless of passion, with listening to their stories, their challenges, their successes, see their tears running and hear their laughter. My blood pumps faster, my skips a beat, my eyes light up and time stops. That’s exactly why I love writing, it gives me an opportunity to celebrate life and write non-fiction stories to inspire others. It’s something we often forget, we came here to live our passions and celebrate life.

That’s when I felt I was a real writer. The moment I felt all my passions had a purpose that could be translated in words, and I was no longer writing for myself, as I was writing for others.

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