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What are your Marketplace successes so far?

I know there are lots of you who’ve been successful finding work, going on press trips, etc via Matador Marketplace. I’d love for you to share your stories here.

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I landed a Go Overseas Columnist role a few months ago as a result of a Marketplace posting. Have had no success with press trips, sadly!

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I followed a lead that inspired this story published in Sonderer’s Travel Magazine’s July “Celebrate Life” issue, about the bells of Amsterdam’s most important Protestant church, the city’s most famous diarist, and a colorful local:

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I landed my first photography campaign which was a huge encouragement to continue pursuing my passion. Super thankful to be a part of the U.

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I’ve responded to Marketplace posts and have had three Matador articles posted so far and I’m working on three more. The first two were on DC and MD and the third was on living in Japan. I’m looking forward to more opportunities as well as a press trip :).

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I recently got my first paid publication on Travioor through Marketplace lead. It was my first attempt at using the Marketplace and I look forward to more opportunities through Marketplace in future. Keeping my fingers crossed for a press trip 🙂


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Hi everyone. Well done and congratulations on your stories. I am new here and still struggling to find my feet. For submitting an article for the Matador Marketplace, do I do it via email to as specified in the post, or do I use the Creators Community? 

The Marketplace post says email, but the guidelines says Creators Community. I am somewhat lost. Thanks in advance for your help…


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Hey Matthys, if a lead has a specific email/editor go ahead and send direct to that editor. Otherwise yes, you can submit unsolicited work via the Submit Work to Editors button on the dashboard.

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Hi Carlos. Thank you so much for the reply. It is much appreciated.

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…and please do forgive me. I seem to have misspelled your name. Again, I appreciate the help.

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@Matthys welcome! Excited to see your work 🙂


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@Swagatika nice! Currently working with them on a piece as well 🙂 Keep using Marketplace, there are some really cool opportunities, I’m sure you’ll land a trip if you keep pushing


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@Dayana, thank you so much.

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