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What are your 2020 travel resolutions?

My 2020 travel resolution is to go to more countries that have a culture drastically different from mine. I’m living in Europe and would like to experience more of Asia such as Japan and South Korea. The first time I visited Bali, Indonesia in 2016, I had a crazy cultural shock for a week that ended up being a great learning experience.

What are you guys trying to do differently in your travels this year?
Is there something that you love doing on the road that you plan to continue with?

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Would love to  explore South America. I have been travelling around Asia and Europe for a while and now I feel the urge to cross South Atlantic Ocean: Peru. Argentina, Chile and Ecuador are top priority.

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My travel resolutions are local to my residential country of Tanzania.
I want to climb Mount Meru! I have been dreaming of this for years, and this is going to be the year!

My husband and I are planning on taking our children on a vacation to the coast of Tanzania; camping or staying in a beach bungalow near Pangani. If will be the girls’ first time seeing the Indian Ocean, and we plan to eat seafood

Away from Tanzania, I am hoping to visit my family in America. It’s been several years since I have seen my father and siblings and I miss them. While, in the future I want to take my kids to California and see the giant redwoods, or sign them up for typical American Summer Camp; that will not be this year. This year is strictly visiting family and staying in their small, Midwest town. While it might not be exciting, it will be one hundred percent good and worthwhile to spend with my family.
I will eat all my favorite childhood foods and ride my brother’s horse. I also anticipate experiencing ‘reverse culture shock’ the moment I step into a Walmart or other large supermarket, and I am debating whether or not shopping at a mall would be a terrible or really fun activity.

Happy 2020!

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Visit all of New Zealand’s national parks. 1 down, 12 to go so far.

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I love to travel to European countries this year.And I will try to avoid using Gadgets which swallows many hours in our day today life.

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I’ve been meaning to get down to Chiloe for a couple of weeks. later in the year I wanna go somewhere else to study for a few months. haven’t decided where yet. current favourites are NZ, Scotland,and the netherlands.

I would definitely like to see the eclipse in december, but we’ll see what happens.

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Been to Bali ten times already and loved it everytime. Got to learn and experience something new with each visit. This year I will go back again for a couple of weeks and just write my heart out. Philippines and Turkey is on my radar too for this year.

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I always have a dream to visit Europe. So this year that is 2020 mu resolution to travel in Europe and turkey these places are heaven on the earth. I will surely not take my phone and other gadgets with me. so it can beneficial for me.

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To travel slower and to travel with intention. I have been backpacking through Latin America since Sept 2018, and when I first started my trip, in Mexico, the freedom of knowing I had as much time as I wanted to go wherever I wanted made me frenzied. I wanted to see everything. And so I moved to a new place almost every three days. Now I want to stay in places for at least two weeks. I want to volunteer in order to get to know the place I’m in from a more realistic perspective. I want lasting relationships with the people I meet. I want to feel connected to the place in some way. This form of traveling, I think, replenishes rather than leads to burnout.

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I started 2020 by visiting Kenya for the first time and every moment was incredible.  We toured a bead factory, spent the day with orphan baby elephants and spent a week with the Maasai.

For the rest of the year, I am hoping to spend time at Joshua Tree, maybe Miami, Mexico City, Oaxaca and am thinking about joining a retreat in Nepal.

I am also determined to write more and invest time in putting my work out there.

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I plan to continue traveling in Southeast Asia. Next on my bucket list is Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Currently living in Bangkok during the Coronavirus outbreak.

You can read the full blog post Traveling During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Take care!

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