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Vividify your night or not?

<p class=”MsoNormal” style=”margin-bottom: 10.0pt; line-height: normal;”>Vivid Sydney… The name brings with it the vision of an entire city lit up in lights and colours innovatively and differently, every year. Cutting-end technology, a collaboration of ideas and world-class music is what makes this a gathering ground for artists and art-lovers world over. Sydney opens it door annually for talent as Sydneysiders prepare for the most happening time of the year. Of recently though, there are many different kinds of opinions cropping up about this event.

Right from Vivid Sydney cruises to Music and Ideas to larger-than-life light sculptures, everything in the harbour city is decked up to its best. Are you wondering what causes the biased opinions about the event then? The crowds do some say, others think it’s overrated. Let’s get few facts straight and delve deep to find out the hidden answer or even answers.

The massive scale of the event withstanding, people find it difficult to cover all of it in a day or two. We have a solution! Pick the attractions you don’t want to miss and visit them in person. To make sure that you don’t miss on the rest of the festival, choose from the many Vivid dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour and see the rest of the city lights from a wider angle. Choose from budget options to really premium ones, from catamarans to glass boats, or from buffet dinner ones to elaborate degustation dinner ones. It’s all there for you in Sydney and all you have to do is to book. With no crowds and a delicious dinner and drinks package to go with it, a Vivid harbour cruise is a complete win-win ain’t it?

With such huge an event, the best of creativity & technology, and a city like Sydney hosting it, the crowds are set to swell more than the previous year for this bi-weekly festival. 2017 saw a record crowd but the authorities pulled it off effortlessly. Unlike it, 2018 was troubled with certain organising issues that led to a slightly mellow event in general. What we should probably consider though is that with a yearly event of this scale being set up every 12 months, one glitch is definitely allowed.

Next comes the case of people, especially tourists, feeling it difficult to find the attractions spread all around the city. There’s one small trick in the book to help you with this one. Just follow Vivid Sydney’s website and you’ll find everything you need to know about it here. And not just about the Lights part either. Learn all about the Sounds and Ideas related events too, with special tabs guiding you to interactive, free and ticketed ones too. Knowledge is definitely a superpower in this case ya folks! Read up and do Vivid the smart way!</p>
<p class=”MsoNormal”>Transportation and lodging turn out to be another bump on the road. As for all events that see a massive attendance, early birds win the best prizes in this case too. Book your hotel in advance, rent a car or arrange for a travel ticket on public transport and you’re set for 2 weeks. If you are a complete early bird and don’t mind getting up in the morning to reach your area of interest, double bingo!

With all major concerns covered, there’s definitely no room for the answer no to Vividifying it in Sydney this 2019. Go for it… Let the lights guide you in Sydney!</p>

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