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Visiting Haiti

Hello friends!


I’m doing a solo-trip to Port-au-Prince at the end of June and I’m seeking advice/recommendations from anyone who has been there. Plus, if anyone knows others in Haiti who’d be willing to grab a drink or food, let me know! I’m absolutely looking to meet up with others.

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Hey Josh, here are a couple tips that might help you out:

1. Go to Members and type Haiti…you’ll find some members there that you might be able to hit up for info or to meet up

2. If you don’t already have it, download the travelstoke appĀ – I did a search in there for Port au Prince and see some spots as well as other travelers there. You can connect that way too.

Good luck!

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I have been to Haiti. Not Port-au-Prince, but a smaller town called Pignon on a mission trip. The people I went with previously flew into Port-au-Prince the last time they went to Pignon. They just mentioned it was very very hectic. The place I was at was very rural and very poor. It’s a complete different world. Not sure if this helps at all, but if you want more information on my experience just let me know!

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Hey Josh — We’ve been to Haiti a few times. Love it there! When we were in Port au Prince, we stay at Hotel Oloffson. It’s super cool there. We actually rented a car through Avis at the airport and drove everywhere. That’s what we’d recommend unless you have the patience to take the Tap Taps (local taxi things, super colorful). We first shot down south to Jacmel where we crashed at Hotel Cyvadier. It’s definitely not cheap but beautiful to drink rum on the patio late at night to hear the waves crash into the bay. They also have fantastic food and an included breakfast. There are cool coffee shops and little places to eat within the town. After that, we stayed at Hotel Florita. This was an old French Colonial hotel which was SWEET!! Check it out online. From there, we drove to Port Salut on the southwestern coast and there were no tourists around. There is also a small waterfall a 30-minute walk from the town center. Anyway, the hotels we stayed at were destroyed in the most recent hurricane but it was amazing down there. Shoot us an email if you have any more specific questions about what to do! —

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