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Unit 10 Assignment: Media Kits

I must admit, this whole unit was my old job! I designed media kits and online ads, did tracking and e-newsletter marketing for an online publisher.

Some extra tips for designing the web kit:

– make sure it is a web friendly file, under 1MB in size. Using Preview or Adobe Acrobat you can compress the size of your PDF.

– Media Kits don’t need to be long. One or two pages is fine. Clients prefer to have all the info in one spot.

– You can convert word files into PDFs easily by printing as a PDF.

While my main travel sites are not really going to make money – one is a portfolio which is to sell my services, not my site, and the other is just fun between me and my husband – we do have another project which did need a mediakit, so I designed one for How I Beat Depression.



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