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Two New Guest Faculty Members – Nicole Kelley and Mike Richard.

Hello MatadorU students and Alum, I hope you are doing well and are busy pursuing your passions.

I would like to introduce our two new Guest Faculty members – Mike Richard and Nicole Kelley.

Nicole Kelley earned her MFA from the Programs In Writing at the University of California – Irvine and her nonfiction has appeared in EntreMundos, BCN Week, and yr an adult. In 2012 she co-founded Summer Commune, a summer-long intentional community in Moscow, Idaho. Nicole’s lived in Brooklyn, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Barcelona, and traveled solo for a year through Mexico and Central America in 2008-9.

Mike Richard is the Founding Editor of . where he has written, edited and lead the team at Vagabondish since 2006. He absconded from corporate life several years ago to travel full time and hasn’t had a permanent residence since. Now Mike travels the world and shares his stories, photographs and adventures with his readers and friends and fans. I had the pleasure of traveling with Mike on a trip to The Bahamas last spring and I happily vouch that he is not only an accomplished travel media pro but a great travel partner and a stand up guy!

Thank you Nicole and Mike for bringing your talents and experience to MatadorU!

Mike and Nicole join Mary Sojourner and Noah Pelletier as the September Guest Faculty roster.

Guest Faculty play the important role of engaging student Exercises and some Assignments to offer feedback, support and guidance. Guest Faculty diversify the voices at the new and keep new perspectives for the benefit of the student body.  Some Guest Faculty also give feedback in the Labs.

Have a great week and safe travels!


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