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Tsunami in Temotu: Your advice on turning this into a piece

Hi all,
Recently found myself roped into a tsunami relief response, so decided to write my assignment #5 on the topic. Am struggling however to work out what angle to take if I used this topic for the actual feature article, though. An aid worker’s perspective? A human interest story? Something else?
Would love to hear your thoughts. Assignment 5 is here:
(Does that link work  for you?)

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Hi, Alice. I realize this is coming a little late.  To make your links live, paste them, then highlight them, then use the link icon to make it live.

I’m not able to read your piece now, but you’re welcome to post in the writing lab later today or tomorrow.

The question really is: Who are you hoping to publish with?  What sorts of pieces do they generally publish?

Beyond that, you might try a couple angles.  See what comes most easily to you. There’s no reason you have to limit yourself to just one piece, or just one pitch or publication.

I hope that helps!



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Hi Kate,

Thanks for the feedback. Have now posted it to this week’s writing lab.

Hopefully got the link thing working now too.




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