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travelstoke App: Show us your favorite spots!

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Are you in the travelstoke app yet? If not, take a moment to download and start connecting with us and sharing some of your favorite spots. If you are in the app, take a moment to share with us some of your favorite spots. Here’s mine!

Hacienda Baru Lodge

Savergre, Costa Rica

Zip lining is fun — but the hike through the preservation is way better! Along the trail, your chances of encountering sloth, monkeys, iguanas, and other wild animals is high. The trail ends at a turtle hatchery and a private beach.

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Here are a few of my faves. One from a roadtrip to the US southwest, one from the other side of Canada from my 80 day cross-country roadtrip, and one from home (Nelson, BC)!

Fisher Towers (Utah)

This is Ancient Art, a 4-pitch 5.8-5.10 trad climb. It’s fully exposed at the top and super scary, you have to walk across this tiny bridge to get to the spire. If you fall you’re going for a huge swing and probably bashing into the rock. The top of the spire is the size of a dinner plate, about 400 ft above the trail below, and the anchor is about a meter below you. Neither of us climb trad so we went with Nate, the owner of Moab Desert Adventures who led the climb for us. The climb of a lifetime!  #extreme #rockclimbing #lookdown #desert

Skerwink Trail (Trinity, Newfoundland)

This is a must do #hike in Newfoundland. It’s moderate but goes along the cliffs edge. When we were there in August there were countless humpback #whales off shore. It was awesome. #whalewatching #hiking #wildlife

Pulpit Rock (Nelson, BC)

Pulpit Rock is a popular local hike just across the bridge from Nelson on the north shore. It’s a steep-ish switchback-y hike that takes 45 mins on average. As you can see you get awesome views back onto Nelson and into the valley heading towards Salmo. You can continue the hike another 45 mins to the Flagpole…a literal flagpole with a Canadian flag flying off it… It has wider sweeping views. The trail can get quite busy in the summer months.  #hiking #rockclimbing #viewpoint

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Hey Liseth, if you want to embed your photo I just posted instructions here:

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The best view in Rio

Morro Dois irmãos is a rocky mountain in Rio de Janeiro, the view from the top is just mesmerising,even better than the sugar loaf. To get to the top you have to cross the Vidigal Favela, which is totally safe and make a 1 hour long trek route. The journey is easy to do and it rewards you with a unique view, from there you can see most of Rio de Janeiro trademarks like Copacabana, Ipanema, the olympic village, Rodrigo Freitas lake and the famous Christ Redeemer. #view #trekking #adventure


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